at Every Point of Care

Place your brand at the most impactful moments of care. With the largest point-of-care network in the country, PatientPoint guarantees you reach your target patients and physicians at the right time with the right message.

The PatientPoint Platform

Connect with your most valuable patients and physicians at every point of care. See more.

OTC/CPG Brands

Increase brand recommendations, drive purchase intent and build consumer loyalty by putting your brand message in the doctor’s office.


Public Health

Extend your public health campaigns to the most trusted, receptive and impactful space—the doctor’s office.


Unmatched, Targeted Scale

Young smiling female black doctor.

We’ve got the doctors you want. No other POC network comes close to PatientPoint’s depth and breadth of HCPs. 

140,000 unique HCPs
15+ specialties
1 in 3 scripts written by a PatientPoint provider*

(*in most categories) 

Over 1.5 billion scripts were written by HCPs touched by a PatientPoint program in 2022.

Unparalleled Benefits

Committed to Your Success

Learn how we go above and beyond to ensure you have an ongoing line of sight to monitor campaign performance. 


Guaranteed Results

Audited by Alliance for Audited Media and Independently 3rd party audited by point of care marketing association

Our verification and validation measures exceed industry standards in a variety of areas to ensure our client partners have the highest level of confidence in their POC programs.   

  • PatientPoint screens in the waiting room, exam rooms and the back office undergo annual audits by AAM to validate that they are in the office, in operation and playing content.  
  • Monthly reporting of ad plays, open days, play days, total locations, total devices and total HCPs is provided for 100% of our client campaigns.  
  • PatientPoint printed treatment guides continue to be audited by AAM for all campaigns to confirm printing, shipping and delivery.  

POC Helps You Do More with Less

See how POC is proven to drive greater returns on all your tactics.  

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