The Patient-Physician Engagement Platform

Collage of triangle images showing PatientPoint exam room touchscreen, doctor and patient talking and doctor looking at a pharmaceutical brand ad on a back office digital screen.
Impact Patients and Physicians Across the Entire Care Journey
PatientPoint's innovative, tech-enabled engagement solutions connect your brand to the most valuable patients and physicians at every point of care.

OTC/CPG Brands

Engagement solutions to increase brand recommendations and drive purchase.


No one gets you into more doctor’s offices than PatientPoint.

Doctor and patient viewing 3D anatomical of heart on a PatientPoint exam room touchscreen.

Reach patients on the most niche treatments. We deliver unrivaled scale to ensure your brand message makes an impact on your target patients and physicians.

140,000 unique HCPs
15+ specialties
1 in 3 scripts written by a PatientPoint provider*

*in most categories

A Partner Unlike Any Other

Doctor watching a pharma brand ad on a digital screen in the back office.

Realize unparalleled benefits by partnering with PatientPoint. We’re bigger, better and offering more value to our sponsor partners than ever before.

  • Category exclusivity
  • Customized messaging down to the location level
  • Turnkey execution and reporting

Expanding Patient and Physician Engagement Opportunities

What’s new, what’s next from PatientPoint.

  • PatientPoint screens in the waiting room, exam rooms and the back office are currently undergoing the annual audit by the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) to validate that they are in the office, in operation and playing content.
  • Going above industry requirements, screens within Primary Care practices​, Oncology and Dermatology specialty networks are undergoing an annual audit by AAM to confirm their presence and operational status.
  • The PatientPoint digital network platform is currently under re-Certification for the new year, CY 2022, to confirm data accuracy and that proof of play logs are accurate, reliable and complete.
  • Monthly reporting of Ad Plays, Open Days, Play Days, Total Locations, Total Devices and Total HCPs is provided for 100% of our client campaigns.
  • PatientPoint custom waiting room print continues to be audited by AAM for all campaigns to confirm printing, shipping and delivery.
Logo for Alliance for Audited Media noting audit status and logo for POC3 validating PatientPoint audit status

Guaranteed Results

The doctor’s office remains the most trusted, respected and relevant place for healthcare brands to connect with patients and providers. Our best-in-class engagement solutions continue to be backed by verification and validation measures that exceed industry standards to ensure you continue to have the highest level of confidence.

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