Reach receptive healthcare consumers in the doctor's office.

Increase brand recommendations and drive purchase with PatientPoint® engagement solutions.

Not all OTC Medicines that treat the same symptoms work in the same way.
Waiting Room Digital Screens

Ensure healthcare consumers see your brand message while they wait. Your message appears alongside customized, award-winning digital health content.

An interactive exam room screen showing a 3D anatomical of the human heart and a placeholder for OTC advertising.
Interactive Exam Room Devices

Be part of a completely interactive experience for consumers and physicians with your messaging embedded in the exam room.

Heartburn & acid reflux brochure. How can I ease symptoms?
Exam Room Education Displays

Educate and impact consumers and physicians in the exam room with your brand message always on display.

A back office digital screen showing a sample welcome message for a new doctor.
Care Team Communication Program

Impact doctors all day, every day with customized brand messaging in the back office.

Two sample custom patient guides about weight loss and Hepatitis C.
Targeted Patient Education Solutions

Reach your target healthcare consumers in any specialty with your brand message included in expertly written condition guides or magazines.

PatientPoint Go Mobile Engagement Program
Mobile Engagement Program

Target healthcare consumers during and after their visit with highly relevant, condition-specific content and your brand ad.


Why Partner with PatientPoint?

Man and woman sitting in waiting room watching TV screen with sponsor ad on it
  • Category exclusivity for 100% share of voice in physician offices.
  • Award-winning health education drives doctor's discussions with healthcare consumers and positions your brand as the solution.
  • Targeting options based on seasonality, specific markets or demographics; customize your message down to the location level.
  • Turn-key execution uses your current TV ad or we create one using your existing assets—at no extra cost.

Proven Impact at the Point of Care

A man examining an OTC medication in the aisle of a pharmacy.
+8.0% pt
increase top-of-mind awareness

+10.5% pt
increase patient-physician brand discussion

+16.5% pt
increase purchase intent (Top 2 Box)
PatientPoint consumer studies, measurements conducted 2008-2016.

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