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PatientPoint has an untarnished reputation for delivering superior results to our sponsoring brands. With 30 years of point-of-care innovation and leadership, we are uniquely positioned to be your trusted point-of-care partner.

Guaranteed Results

Audited by Alliance for Audited Media, and Independently 3rd Party Audited POC3 Validated

For 30 years, we have been delivering impactful results that marketers can trust. We meet—and exceed—industry verification and validation requirements to ensure our sponsor partners have continued confidence in the impact and results of your point-of-care campaigns with PatientPoint. Our digital network certification from Alliance for Audited Media (AAM) proves our commitment to your success.

  • PatientPoint screens in the waiting room, exam rooms and the back office have been audited by AAM to validate that they are in the office, on and playing content.
  • Going above industry requirements, screens within Primary Care practices and six key specialty Practices have been AAM-audited to confirm their presence and operational status.
  • The PatientPoint digital network platform has been audited and has received Certification, confirming data accuracy and that proof of play logs are accurate, reliable and complete.
  • Monthly reporting of Ad Plays, Open Days, Play Days, Total Locations, Total Devices and Total HCPs are certified and delivered for 100% of our client campaigns.
  • PatientPoint custom waiting room print continues to be audited by AAM for all campaigns to confirm printing, shipping and delivery.
  • PatientPoint exam room fixed asset poster unit and display rack with advertiser-supported patient brochures continue to be AAM-audited to confirm presence of all participating campaigns.
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PatientPoint employees sitting in a conference room reviewing point of care marketing performance for a pharma brand.
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Your reputation and track record is the best in the industry. Our commitment to POC is stronger than ever.
Senior Media Buyer
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PatientPoint: No surprises here, a trusted partner and a consistent performer.
Industry Veteran,
Healthcare Marketing
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PatientPoint reliably provides quantitative measurement of the campaigns they run. This gives advertisers like me the confidence to keep coming back. 
John O'Keeffe,
Former Director of Consumer and Shopper Marketing,
Zarbee's Naturals

We’ve Got the HCPs You Want to Reach

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All HCPs are not created equal. PatientPoint programs give your brand access to significant share of script volume in key categories. 

2019 NRx Coverage**
Mental Illness (Depression, Anxiety, etc.)1
Neurological / Neuromuscular1
1Projected 2019 end-of-year reach for all prescriptions written by primary care physicians within PatientPoint programs.
2Projected 2019 end-of-year reach for all prescriptions written by gastroenterologists within PatientPoint programs.
3Projected 2019 end-of-year reach for all prescriptions written by oncologists within PatientPoint programs. Retail pharmacy data only. Does not include specialty pharmacies or infusion therapy.
*Categories based on Symphony Health Solutions (SHS) USC2 (broadest category) and include all drug brands (branded and generic).
**Projected coverage by end of year 2019.

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We continue to innovate to ensure your brand is at the forefront of point-of-care engagement.

Pioneered the POC Industry


First Exam Room Print Program


First to Customize Waiting Room Messaging


First Back Office Physician Program


First Digital Interactive Exam Room Program


Mobile, Virtual Health

Groundbreaking Engagement Solutions

Reach your targeted consumers. Drive maximum impact. See the most comprehensive suite of solutions available at the point of care. 

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