Your Message. Their Phones. Anywhere.

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Send your brand message directly to physicians' and patients' mobile devices—even after they leave the doctor's office.

PatientPoint Go Mobile Engagement Program

Education and Brand Messaging While Patients Wait

Three cell phones.
  • Deliver relevant content to targeted patients in specific locations and on the go.
  • Brand message remains constant throughout experience. 
  • Opportunities to extend engagement.

Mobile-Enabled Physician Engagement

Three cell phones.
  • Target patients inside and outside their office.
  • Solution integrates back office content with mobile messaging.
  • Offer physicians the ability to contact a rep, order samples or register for brand speaker programs.

Users are 66% more likely to click on mobile ads after exposure to OOH ads/digital screens.

Source: 2019 Nielsen Out of Home Advertising Study

Case Study: Statin Brand

See how a leading statin brand combined digital and mobile tactics for greater patient impact in the waiting room.

Man using laptop to read case study about the Leading Statin Brand Combines Digital and Mobile Tactics for Greater Patient Impact in the Waiting Room.

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