Impact patient-provider treatment discussions.

Interactive exam room display featuring cardiology patient education on its screen.

Be a part of the patient engagement hub: Video content, 3D anatomicals, physician teaching tools and your brand messages instantly engage and connect with patients.

PatientPoint Interact Interactive Exam Room Program.

Multimedia Impact in the Exam Room

Groundbreaking Innovation

PatientPoint Exam Room Screens Program showing callouts to Your Active Brand Message, Branded by the Provider, Physician Teaching Tools, Your Passive Brand Message, Innovative Technology
  • Robust educational content surrounds your branded messages at the point of script.
  • Content design ensures brand impact on patients and physicians in both passive and active modes.
  • Build brand loyalty and support compliance with brand testimonials, co-pays and savings card information.
  • 3D anatomicals and practice messages deliver physician engagement and endorsement.

Now Featuring “Touch-Free” Engagement

Touchscreen device with QR codes next to two cell phones, one with PatientPoint content about Diabetes, and the other with space for advertising.

QR codes offer patients a safe and easy way to access relevant educational content and your brand ad.


Cardiology icon of a heart.
Primary Care
A Comprehensive Solution
"The touchscreen monitors are better than anything we had before."
Dr. Martin Fogle,
Chief Medical Officer,
Prima CARE

PatientPoint Interact Reach

Male doctor and female patient looking at a 3D model of a heart on an exam room display.

PatientPoint® Interact™ projected unique 2020 end-of-year reach
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Doctor watching a message from the practice on a digital screen in the back office.

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