Patient impact in the exam room and beyond.

PatientPoint patient education brochure on Type 2 Diabetes that includes POC advertising.

Educational content is seen as unbiased and independent, so doctors use it, patients read it and your ad gets noticed.

PatientPoint Educate Exam Room Education Display Program

Attract Attention from Patients AND HCPs

PatientPoint Exam Room Display Program
  • Condition-specific educational brochures and anatomical drawings aid patient-provider treatment discussions.
  • “Billboard” display ads keep your brand top of mind with physicians, NPs, PAs—all day, every day.
  • Take-home materials extend your brand message after the patient visit.

Now Featuring a Digital “Touch-Free” Experience

Patient education brochures now featuring QR codes for a touch-less experience in the exam room.

QR codes enable easy access to digital brochures and your brand messaging right on patients' smartphones.


Primary Care
Quotation marks.
These are great brochures. They’re well-written and have good illustrations. They describe the condition very accurately, then provide a practical approach to things. After my appointment, I came home to read them.
Sy Weiss,

PatientPoint Educate Reach

Exam room patient education display featuring brochures, anatomical drawings and point of care marketing.

PatientPoint® Educate™ projected unique 2020 end-of-year reach
Exclusive Access to HCPs

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Doctor watching a message from the practice on a digital screen in the back office.

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