Your brand in front of hard-to-reach doctors and patients.

PatientPoint patient education brochures about weight loss and Hepatitis C.

PatientPoint® custom-develops the content to address your targets’ needs. You choose the topic and format, we do all the work.

PatientPoint Customize Targeted Patient Education Solutions

Custom Solutions to Reach Any Specialty and Your Targets

Pharma POC advertising on a waiting room poster, in a patient education brochure and on a mobile phone.
  • Health magazines and condition guides offer relevant education and your exclusive brand messaging in the format best suited for your target audience.
  • Independently written content adds credibility to your brand message and garners greater receptivity from physicians.
  • Your brand is positioned as the preferred treatment option.
  • Direct delivery to your targeted physicians or a PatientPoint-developed list.

Now Featuring a Digital “Touch-Free” Experience

PatientPoint custom brochure sign explaining how to use QR, scan-able codes.

Acrylic displays showcase custom titles featuring QR codes that ensure your brand message gets to patients.

Average +31.6% NRx incremental growth for sponsoring brands.

Source: Symphony Health Solutions, Pre/Post Test/Control Measurements 2013-2018

Extend Your Reach in Waiting Rooms

PatientPoint® Go™ puts your brand in front of waiting patients—whether they’re reading a guide or using their phones.

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