Be in front of doctors, all day, every day.

PatientPoint medical news display screen featuring a message from the doctor’s office welcoming a new physician.

Digital communication hub for the practice permanently installed in back offices attracts HCPs’ attention and showcases your brand messages down to the location level.

PatientPoint Access Care Team Communication Program

Catch HCPs’ Attention with the Right Information

In-Office Communication Hub

PatientPoint Back Office Screens Program
  • All day, every day access to medical staff ensures you reach prescribers right at the moment treatment decisions are being made.
  • Catch HCPs’ attention with the right information: efficacy, safety, formulary information, savings offers and other relevant benefits.
  • Individual office-level targeting ensures the right brand messages are in front of the right physicians.


Primary Care
High Tech, High Touch
"The back office program always gets their attention. I wouldn't call it clickbait because we're not clicking on it, but it's definitely grabbing their attention."
Dr. Steve Samudrala,
America's Family Doctors

PatientPoint Access Reach

Physician office digital screen showing a message from the practice, infographic and pharma marketing.

PatientPoint® Access™ projected unique 2020 end-of-year reach
Impact Physicians in the Exam Room

Groundbreaking exam room technology inserts your brand into patient-provider discussions.

Male doctor and female patient looking at a 3D model of a heart on an exam room display.

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