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PatientPoint analysis reveals messaging in the doctor’s office increases length of therapy for new-to-brand patients across a variety of medications.

Point-of-Care Marketing Proven to Increase Medication Adherence

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Interview: The Pros and Cons of EOM with Dr. Kashyap Patel

Interview: The Pros and Cons of EOM with Dr. Kashyap Patel Read More
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Cover of the Patient Survey eBook
Inside the Mind of Today's Patient

Patient Insights to Improve Health Outcomes

We surveyed 2,000+ Americans to better inform how to improve patient and practice outcomes. Here’s what we learned. Read More

Understanding the Impact of Health Literacy

Health literacy impacts patients’ outcomes and your bottom line. Discover strategies to help you improve health literacy to generate more referrals. Read More
Understanding Health Literacy

Inside the Mind of Today's Patient

A look into patients’ thoughts, feelings, wants and needs at the doctor’s office. Read More
Case Study

500% Increase in Patients Treated for Hypertension

Remote Patient Monitoring allows Kentucky Cardiology to treat more hypertensive patients and make faster medication adjustments. Read More
500% Increase in Patients Treated for Hypertension: CASE STUDY
Case Study

Proof PatientPoint Programs Improve Patient Outcomes

We analyzed 8,379 partnered health systems and practice locations to see the effects of our programs on health outcomes. Read More

Remote Patient Monitoring for Preventive Cardiac Care

Discover best practices for using RPM to help treat hypertension, heart failure and other cardiac conditions. Read More

The Engagement Technology Doctors Want

We asked leading physicians to share how they use patient engagement technology to cater to patients’ demands Read More
White Paper

The Unique Value of Point of Care Marketing

Hear directly from some of the best pharma marketers and media experts on the unique value Point of Care offers. Read More

Understanding Remote Patient Monitoring CPT Codes

Learn how to bill for remote patient monitoring to generate optimized reimbursement. Read More
Case Study

Need patients? Need staff? PatientPoint can manage it all.

PatientPoint digital marketing efforts showed significant success generating new patient leads in a highly competitive industry. Read More