Provide Ongoing, Remote Support to Your Patient Populations

Tablet, laptop, and cell phone, all showing the various Remote Care Management solutions offered by PatientPoint

Maintain consistent communication with patients even when they’re not in the office with comprehensive Remote Care Management solutions. 

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Health Checks

Woman fills out a health assessment from home on her mobile device.

Send automated, regular assessments and surveys to your patient populations and low- and medium-risk chronic care patients to maintain consistent communication.

  • Choose from a library of pre-built, disease-state-specific assessments and value-based care patient surveys and screeners
  • Triage patients in-office or through virtual visits
  • Increase practice revenue with reimbursable events
  • Automatically send relevant PatientPoint health education after assessment completion

Remote Patient Monitoring

Woman using supported devices for Remote Patient Monitoring by PatientPoint.

Provide ongoing, remote monitoring to high-risk and chronic care patients via at-home devices that record patient data—like blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, oximeter, spirometers and more. 

  • All devices sent to patients and maintained by Remote Care Partners in partnership with PatientPoint
  • No initial cash-outlay on devices
  • Easy-to-use dashboard provides comprehensive patient logs and records
  • Time spent monitoring is automatically logged for each patient for increase in billable services

How Remote Patient Monitoring Works


Man using a tablet to watch PatientPoint educational content while he waits for his telehealth visit.

Supplement in-office care with virtual visits that help manage patient traffic.

  • Triage patients to help manage in-person appointment referrals
  • Provide virtual access to specialist care
  • Enhanced virtual waiting room plays relevant, PatientPoint specialty-/condition-specific content until the physician arrives
  • Enhanced virtual exam room gives providers access to 3D anatomicals to use as visual aids in patient comprehension
  • No cost to your practice

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