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EXAM ROOM TOUCHSCREEN showing Atrial Fibrillation education.

Engage patients in the exam room with interactive devices that bring health education to life, support your value-based care goals and enhance patient-provider discussions.

PatientPoint Interact Interactive Engagement Program

Enrich the Exam Room Experience

Groundbreaking Innovation

Interactive exam room display with callouts that say "Branded by the Provider" and "Physician Teaching Tools."
  • Drive messaging around targeted quality metrics that direct patients to your patient portal, website, patient surveys and more.
  • Easy-to-use teaching tools like 3D anatomicals increase patient understanding and patient-provider engagement through hands-on learning.
  • Interactive, multimedia content engages patients and can be shared with the patient to extend the experience beyond the visit.
  • Create unique patient experiences by tailoring custom messages to your specific specialty and patient population.

Now Featuring “Touch-Free” Engagement

See how patients can use QR codes to access health topics right on their smartphones.

Tailor the Exam Room Experience from a Central Platform

Physician assistant using a desktop computer in the back office.

Customize the patient experience in the exam room with an easy-to-use platform built specifically for provider needs.

  • Easily add your logo to the interactive device.
  • Build custom message playlists to create a unique content mix that supports your business and value-based care goals.
  • Create and add custom messages to drive patients to your website, patient portal, HRAs, surveys and more.

Most popular specialties are:

Primary Care
Increasing Patient Satisfaction
"Patients find they are making the most of their time while they are here, from the waiting room to the examination room. It really allows them not to get distracted and focus more on their care."
Dr. Adnaan Sheriff, DO,
Amherst Medical Associates
Measuring Patient Success

See how Amherst Medical Associates increased patient portal registrations using PatientPoint® interactive devices in the exam room.

Woman reading the Amherst Case Study on her laptop.

Drive Patient Portal Use

Doctor engaging with a woman patient as she signs into the patient portal on an interactive exam room touchscreen.

PatientPoint® Interact™ is proven to drive patient portal use to help you meet reimbursement criteria.

Fifty Percent Plus
More than doubled
patient portal use
Findings reported by one health system that used PatientPoint Interact as part of its patient portal engagement strategy.
Your In-Office Communication Channel

Share important messages with your staff with PatientPoint® Access™ digital screens in the back office.

Doctor watching a message from the practice on a digital screen in the back office.

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