Your care team communication platform.

PatientPoint medical news display screen featuring a message from the doctor’s office welcoming a new physician.

Foster employee engagement by keeping your medical team updated with information relevant to them—your practice and value-based care goals, practice news and more.

PatientPoint Access Care Team Communication Program

A Simple, Central Communication Solution

Keep Your Care Team Up-to-Date

Exploded view of digital screen showing four types of healthcare news programs.
  • Create and distribute branded custom messages from one central hub to all of your locations.
  • Select from a full library of practice messages that support value-based care goals and compliance plus create your own messages to share goal progress.
  • Focus on the triple aim by sharing wellness initiatives, recognitions and practice news to support your healthcare professionals.
  • Real-time, specialty content keeps your busy staff up-to-date on industry news, health alerts and local weather and health indices.

Streamline Your Staff Communication from a Central Platform

Physician watching healthcare news content and messages from the practice on a digital screen in the back office.

Share and customize internal communication on your back-office digital screens through an easy-to-use platform built specifically for provider needs.

  • Easily add your logo.
  • Select from 100+ practice messages on practice policies, health and wellness initiatives and specialty patient care tips to support your business and value-based care goals.
  • Add practice messages to both left and right sides of the screen to maximize your reach.

Most popular specialties include:

Primary Care
Quotation marks.
Our PatientPoint Access screen is a great resource for all our staff. It keeps us up-to-date on the latest medical news and gives us tips on how to handle our practice.
Sue Som,
Medical Center on the Gulf
A Surround-Sound Communication Strategy

Improve patient communication in the waiting room with custom, branded messages.

Patients in waiting room watching a PatientPoint digital screen.

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