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Move the needle on the triple aim—improve quality, decrease costs and improve patient satisfaction. PatientPoint® programs are proven to help drive your quality care metrics. Get a personalized set of patient engagement solutions customized to your office, hospital or health system’s specific needs.

Doctor with a tablet showing patient education tools to an elderly woman in a waiting room.
Patients—they're our point.

Patient Engagement Touchpoints

Explore our comprehensive engagement solutions. Choose your desired care setting and touchpoint to get started.

Waiting Room
Waiting Room Screen
Patient Education Digital Screen
Create your own waiting room network.

Exam Room
Interactive Touchscreen
Interactive Exam Room Device
Enrich the exam room experience.

Back Office
Back Office Screen
Internal Communication Screen
Your in-office communication channel.

Waiting Room
Patient Education Digital Screen
Create your own waiting room network.

Waiting Room
Patient Communication Screen
Patient Communication Digital Screen
Communicate your commitment to quality care.

Multiple Guides
Print and Digital Patient Guide
Help patients navigate their stay.

Between Visits
Reputation Management
Reputation and Listing Management
Accurate, up-to-date location information across the web.

Between Visits
Website Optimization
Website Optimization
Customized, optimized website.

Between Visits
New Leads
New Patient Leads
Targeted online and social advertising.
Government Partners

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Doctor engaging with a veteran patient in the exam room.

Experience Matters

Doctor communicating practice news to a staff member in the back office.

We pioneered patient engagement and education solutions for physician offices and hospitals 30 years ago and remain healthcare providers' most trusted partner. 

30-Year Leader in
Patient Engagement
Most Awarded
Point-of-Care Patient
Education Provider
11% Increase
in Screenings with
Our Education
98% Provider
Medical Review Commitment

Each piece of our content is reviewed by a practicing physician in the specialty to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.

Doctor sharing patient education resources with a patient in the exam room.
Why Providers Choose PatientPoint
"Our decision to go with PatientPoint was based on the variety of content, the quality of the content and the different options that were available for getting the message out to the patient."
Dr. Martin Fogle,
Chief Medical Officer,
Prima CARE

A Collaborative Approach to Patient Education

Partner logos for American Medical Association, American Heart Association, American Lung Association and Imerman Angels.

We are proud to support these organizations’ efforts to empower patients and caregivers. See our full list of partners.

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