PatientPoint Launches Point of Care Anywhere™

June 16, 2020
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Point of Care Anywhere™ brings 360-degree approach to virtual health to leading telehealth, remote care platforms for elevated experience

CINCINNATI – PatientPoint® today announced the launch of PatientPoint® Point of Care Anywhere™, bringing best-in-industry patient education and engagement to the virtual health experience. Through integration with the nation’s leading telehealth and remote patient monitoring platforms, Point of Care Anywhere™ delivers hyper-targeted content and complementary brand messaging to patients throughout the virtual health journey—from pre-appointment scheduling to telehealth visits to remote monitoring—completely enhancing and elevating the virtual health experience for patients and healthcare providers (HCPs).


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic increase in HCP utilization of telehealth. According to recent data from the MedData Group, nearly 90 percent of all HCPs are now leveraging telehealth for patient care and the vast majority plan on continued use of telehealth platforms in conjunction with in-office visits. Despite this growth telehealth remains a fragmented industry, presenting opportunity for telehealth and remote monitoring platforms to offer a more holistic, relevant and engaging experience.

"As the trusted 30-year leader in point-of-care education and engagement, it's our passion to make every doctor-patient engagement better across all points of care and to ensure doctors and patients have access to the same high-quality, condition-specific support for both in-person and virtual visits,” said PatientPoint Founder and CEO Mike Collette. “With PatientPoint® Point of Care Anywhere™ we fulfill that missing link in today’s virtual health environment to enable a better experience and better outcomes anywhere a patient and provider connect.”

The new PatientPoint® Point of Care Anywhere™ offering, currently in pilot with several leading telehealth and remote patient monitoring platforms, delivers targeted education and complementary brand messaging throughout the virtual health experience:

Pre- and Post-Visit: Targeted education throughout scheduling, appointment confirmation and post-visit communication

An older man looks at patient education on his mobile phone.


Virtual Waiting Room: Targeted wait-time programming curated based upon reason for visit

A woman types on her laptop. The laptop has patient education playing on it that's playing for her prior to her telehealth appointmet.


Virtual Exam Room: Interactive platform facilitating virtual doctor-patient consults featuring tools to help in-treatment discussions

A woman looks at her computer screen which is a telehealth visit with a physician. Accompanying the physician is an anatomical device and a chat box.


Remote Care Monitoring: Ongoing education to support virtual care of chronic conditions between consults and interactive, personalized content libraries based on each patient’s individual journey

A woman looks at her phone which includes education and communication from her physician about managing diabetes.

A unique benefit of PatientPoint® Point of Care Anywhere™ for healthcare providers is its seamless integration with leading telehealth and remote patient monitoring platforms. Point of Care Anywhere makes it possible for providers to leverage PatientPoint content within the virtual health platforms they already use and without interrupting their workflow to improve the patient experience and deliver improved patient outcomes.

"It has become increasingly important to provide patients with trusted educational material at a time and place that is convenient to them,” said Adnaan Sheriff, DO, of Amherst Medical Associates in Buffalo, NY, and a member of the PatientPoint Design Team. “With the increased usage of telehealth, PatientPoint® Point of Care Anywhere™ would make me feel comfortable knowing that my patients are being presented with content tailored to them that is trustworthy and enhances the overall experience of their visit. It would also make delivering education and achieving a high-quality experience easier across the continuum of care by being present at all points of contact."

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