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Get a secure, SEO-friendly website that’s fully responsive across all devices so you’re ready to meet patients’ needs online.

PatientPoint Launch Website Optimization Program

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  • Fully responsive mobile, tablet and desktop-friendly design.
  • Totally secure website experience for your patients.
  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementation.
  • Search engine optimization to maximize your organic search traffic.
  • Regular traffic reports and performance updates.
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PatientPoint® has deep experience developing websites for local healthcare businesses that meet their specific goals.

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Comprehensive Online Services
“When we opened, we strictly went with PatientPoint. We were excited they were a one-stop shop for all of our online services.”
Chris Erwin,
Practice Manager,
Gateway Family Dentistry

Why Websites Work

Woman browsing a medical provider’s website on her laptop computer at home.
of consumers prefer healthcare providers that have their own website.

Integrated physician websites attract up to
new patients each year.
SoftwareAdvice.com, “Everything You Need to Know About Medical Practice Websites,” 2019

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