Let Us Handle Your Patient Information Materials

PatientPoint hospital patient guide booklet and a mobile phone displaying a digital version of the patient guide.

Enhance patient satisfaction by giving your patients hospital-stay and transitional care information in a custom print and digital patient handbook.

Expand Your Reach with a Digital Hospital Guide

Promotional digital patient guide QR stand and mobile phone showing an antibiotic safety message from a hospital outpatient guide.
  • Easy-to-access, award-winning patient information in a format patients and caregivers want
  • Provide touch-free access to important patient information and all mandated documents via QR code posters and signage 
  • Mobile-friendly design can be texted or emailed to the patient before or during the hospital stay

Printed Hospital Information and Award-Winning Patient Education

Open booklet showing an infection prevention and antibiotic safety message from a hospital patient guide.
  • Includes your brand logo, colors and custom information about your hospital
  • Strategically designed to meet regulatory mandates and help you with compliance, patient experience, patient education and patient satisfaction goals
  • Choose additional content from a library of 100+ health topics
  • We handle everything for you—written, designed, edited, updated, printed, stored and shipped for you!

Save Time and Money

“We used PatientPoint to develop our patient guides for three years before we took it in-house. We had no idea the time, effort and cost needed. One year later, we returned to PatientPoint who easily handles all aspects of development for us year after year.”

Andrew Wert, Director of Communications, Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center, Torrance and San Pedro
Patient in bed reading a hospital patient guide.

Little to No Cost Patient Information Guides

By partnering with local healthcare sponsors, we can offer patient handbooks to you at little to no cost.

Improve the Hospital Wait-Time Experience

Man in hospital waiting room watching TV screen.

Use digital signage in high-traffic areas to give patients and caregivers important hospital information and health content while they wait.


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