Educate Veterans with Healthcare Digital Signage

PatientPoint government hospital waiting room screen showing a male soldier talking to a female doctor.

Communicate important health content and VA initiatives with a digital screen solution for your waiting rooms. 

Your Facility Needs a Communication Platform

Male and female patients watching a PatientPoint waiting room TV.
  • Support Veteran education goals with VA-specific health content, healthy living tips and compliance messaging
  • Customize content with information from the VA and your hospital-share videos from your website or social channels
  • Enhance the Veteran experience with location-specific information that helps them navigate your hospital and creates awareness of available VA programs and services
Government waiting room screens showing patient education content.

Customize Your Waiting Room Screen

Healthcare provider using a desktop computer in the back office.

We refresh the health information for Veterans every month, but you also have the ability to update the content any time.  Access the easy-to-use portal to: 

  • View your updated programming
  • Add or remove content or change the order of play
  • Choose content from the PatientPoint Content library with 1,000+ messages that include VA-specific messages, health education,  healthy living tips,  compliance messaging and more
  • Upload your website or social media videos

Educational Content to Support Your Departments

Primary Care

Want to Increase Screenings and Vaccinations?

Patients in the waiting room watching a health education digital screen.

Educate Veterans on the importance of preventive care.  Provide them with engaging digital health content that improves health outcomes.

11% increase in colonoscopies
21% increase in vaccinations

Enrich the Exam Room

Female doctor and male patient interacting with an exam room display device.

Engage Veterans with health education and VA resources through exam room touchscreens. 


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