Increase Veteran Engagement in the Exam Room

PatientPoint interactive medical touch screen displaying a digital anatomical model of the human brain.

Improve Veteran comprehension and drive action with interactive tools that provide relevant health information and access to VA resources.

Connect Veterans and Employees

Female doctor and male patient interacting with an exam room display device.
  • A digital whiteboard and an Anatomy Library with medical illustrations, interactive medical models, 3D anatomicals and videos to aid in Veteran comprehension.
  • Health content that supports Veteran education goals and can be sent for review after the appointment.
  • Messages that link to VA resources including My HealtheVet sign-in, Whole Health videos, VA news and events and more.

Engage. Educate. Empower.

Drive Awareness of Your Services

Image showing Waiting Room, Back Office and Exam Room screens with VA content

Our platform is customizable through our easy-to-use portal. Add your own custom messages to build awareness and drive utilization of VA, VISN and your Hospital services and unique initiatives across all locations.

  • Custom messages can inform Veterans about your services and resources while also sharing milestones and recognition with your employees.
  • You can add your own content, or we can create them for you with our content creation services.
  • You can even add content from our extensive library of award-winning education and information.

Pro Tip: Consistent messages at all touchpoints increase awareness with Veterans and employees.


An Enhanced Exam Room Experience for Veterans

Primary Care

Increase Patient Satisfaction

“I have been a patient in chemotherapy here in the 23rd Street VA hospital for the last 10 years, and as I have observed the PatientPoint exam room presentation I wondered…where has this great visual aid been all this time for us as patients! Thank you! I will be utilizing this tool as much as possible in the future.”

Bill J., Veteran
PatientPoint interactive medical touch screen in the exam room displaying a digital anatomical model of the lung heart.

Want to Increase Screenings and Vaccinations?

Female patient viewing the exam room display device.

Educate Veterans on the importance of preventive care. Provide them with engaging digital health content that improves health outcomes.

45% increase in mammograms
20% increase in colon cancer screenings

Unite Employees Around Your Common Goals

Female doctor watching PatientPoint back office digital screen.

Through employee recognition, CME opportunities, Veteran care tips and custom messages about VA updates and initiatives, you can connect employees with each other and the VA at scale.


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